For C.L. TECH innovation means: New Products + Improvement Process + New Business Model
C.L. TECH is innovative because it participates in all the innovation’s elements

1. Product innovation

CL TECH works with many TOP 100 PCB manufacturers in the world. Their demands are the starting point of innovation, because they can well define the product before the first phase of development. Our experience, our engineering facility and collaboration with academia can obtain the new product requested by the customer. A careful calculation of costs reduces the need for heavy industrialization of the product and favors the rapid startup of production.

2. The improvement of the process

Greater efficiency, higher quality and a shorter cycle. Each process is broken down into its constituent parts, so that the individual functions are carried out by the best specialists and the process is coordinated by well-defined protocols by . The continuous improvement of single function and the overall process allows maximum flexibility and speed of placing the product on the market, as well as access to a reserve of multiple and competitive skills, particularly for strategic activities

3. The business model

CL TECH operates with a network of partners for the supply of products and services to the end customer. Our policy puts greater emphasis on the management of purchases with great level of innovation and high potential quality, aiming for a series of agreements and activities to establishing a strong cooperation with suppliers. Our supplier base is an asset of the company compared to the know-how and customers.

C.L. TECH has an interest in developing co-design and risk-sharing products or services. In a highly competitive scenario the time factor is very important: the combination of skills and resources can provide better and faster response to customer inquiries.